Conducting real-world research can be intuitive, scalable, and cost-effective.

Accelerating decentralized real-world research


All-in-one platform

The Smart Omix platform provides researchers with a foundation to collect high quality real-world data at scale and at speed. 

Data collection


Our approach to data collection leverages participant-generated and reported health data to develop digital biomarkers and AI models. 



The Smart Omix app provides participants with an intuitive, engaging experience. Recruit from our 71 million strong first-party user database.

Built for researchers, by researchers

The all-in-one platform to build, launch, recruit for, manage and analyze real-world clinical research.

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We enable rapid prototyping of your participant-facing app screens using customizable modules for pre-screeners, eConsent, onboarding, continuous data collection, and photo, video, audio and text-based ePROs. Supercharge your data collection using our collection of engaging AI ePROs, including a smart selfie, smart medication tracking and smart nutrition.



Rapidly test and deploy your digital study automatically to the companion Smart Omix smartphone app, available on iOS and Android. Use a unique QR code to invite and recruit potential participants to your study.


Leverage Sharecare Recruiting's 100M strong Real Time Profiling Engine to recruit, enroll and retain participants across 250+ different conditions. Using our award-winning Community Well-Being Index, we also enable higher quality recruitment pipeline analyses, taking account of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our robust framework takes demographic coverage, social risk factors, and well-being into account.



We help you manage participant invitations, pre-approval and enrollment participant enrollment, engagement and adherence through our powerful Study Control Center. Track and influence participant engagement in real-time using our incentives and rewards modules.


Access structured, secure study data at any time during your study. Use our interdisciplinary clinical AI team’s AI/ML expertise for building models and digital biomarkers from your rich real-world data set.

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