About Us

Our mission

Smart Omix by Sharecare is a software platform enabling researchers to design, launch, manage, and analyze real-world digital clinical studies at scale. Researchers across the healthcare and life sciences industry can leverage our self-service platform or concierge study- building services to conduct rigorous, high- quality, real-world data collection via the Smart Omix app (available on iOS and Android). Using our first-of-its-kind SaaS model, researchers can include rich data into studies to gain a sharper view of the real lived experiences of study participants—, from photo, video and audio ePROs, to pre-integrated modules for patient-generated health data across popular wearables and devices today.

Participant-centricity is core to how we have designed our platform. From adherence-based compensation modules to AI ePROs like a ‘smart selfie’ to ingest body mass index (BMI) information, or ‘smart medication’ to allow for an immediate photo-to-drug-description for participants, participants are first-class citizens and users of our platform. Our team is on a mission to democratize real-world clinical research by creating software that is technologically, economically, and socially accessible for the next generation of real-world data collection.