Smart Omix for Academic Institutions

The next wave of clinical research technology for academic institutions is here. 

Built for researchers, by researchers

Empower your institution's research community with intuitive, no-code software.


Self-Service Study Builder

Join our private beta to build, launch, manage and analyze studies using our self-service Smart Omix Researcher platform.


Unified Platform

Place your researchers in the driver’s seat, and give them the tools to build, launch and manage their studies in a single platform.


No code required

Remove funding and technological barriers to conducting groundbreaking research by providing your community with a sophisticated, no-code research platform.

Join the academic researchers accelerating participant-centric research with Smart Omix.


Build, launch, manage and analyze smartphone-based clinical studies

See how Smart Omix can enable you to conduct next-generation research at speed and at scale, from pilot studies to digital biomarker development.

Start designing your study for free.

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