Adherence-based compensation

Participants are users too.

Join the researchers giving participants the transparency, user-friendliness and incentives they deserve.


Configure adherence-based compensation to boost participant engagement and retention.

We believe participants deserve to know how their data is being used to benefit research and development. We believe researchers should have every opportunity to encourage the right behaviors from participants. Enter our highly configurable adherence-based compensation module.

Choose your type of compensation.

Create monetary or non-monetary compensation as your participants reach certain milestones. Researchers can configure their study to ensure that participants are striving for the right incentives in a compliant manner.



Boost long-term retention with adherence-based rewards.

Customize adherence to tie ePROs and data connections to a points-based system. Our gamified experience allows participants visibility into how their actions are getting them closer to your study’s compensation.


Automated warnings and in-app notifications.

Set your adherence criteria and forget it. We take care of keeping your participants informed of how adherent they are, employing industry best practices to keep them engaged and in the loop!


Immediate compensation redemption and rewards distribution.

Whether it’s a smartwatch or an Amazon gift card, our team can help you choose and distribute the best compensation or reward for your smartphone study.


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