Smart Omix for Consumer Health Companies

Create proof for your products and generate marketing ready, clinically validated patient data at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Join the research teams creating clinically validated research studies with no-code clinical research technology.


Generate real-world scientific claims across product lines.


Engage your target market

Gain deeper insights into your target market with the Smart Omix platform's built-in gamification modules for engagement, retention and rewards.


Generate science-proven claims

Conduct IRB-approved and exempt research using a repeatable, scalable study building environment.  Use robust real world evidence to generate intriguing and relevant new consumer claims.


Enrich your data feeds

Collect richer participant and focus group data using Smart Omix’s data acquisition modules, ranging from video and photo journals, to AI ePROs like a smart selfie.


Increase diversity in your research

Leverage our expertise in conducting decentralized, remote research to reach a larger, more diverse audience via a smartphone app.

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Build, launch, manage and analyze smartphone-based clinical studies

See how Smart Omix can enable you to conduct next-generation research at speed and at scale, from pilot studies to digital biomarker development.

Start designing your study for free.

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