Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs)

No more paper surveys. It's time to reimagine patient-reported outcomes for the smartphone era.

Join the world-class researchers taking advantage of novel ePROs to gather rigorous, high-quality real-world data.


Four innovative ePROs at your fingertips.

Reimagine the traditional ePRO. Seize the opportunity to leverage smartphone cameras, microphones, and keyboards to get the right data at the right time.  

Basic ePROs: Incorporate surveys and validated assessments into your study in minutes.

Build text-based data collection tools using our ePRO builder or upload from our library a clinically-validated assessment for participants to report on their condition, symptoms, and other outcomes of your choice.


Rich ePROs: Capture unprecedented real-world data with ease.

Move beyond simple surveys and arm your clinical study with video, photo and audio recordings to gather rich patient outcomes for computer vision studies or digital biomarker development


Custom ePROs: Use smartphone sensors to create unique clinical and symptom measurements

We believe that smartphones will allow us to monitor and measure symptoms in unprecedented ways. Our clinical AI team can design custom ePROs for your study incorporating smartphone sensors, wearables, photo, video and audio.


AI ePROs: Every opportunity to collect data is an opportunity to engage participants

We use neural nets to capture participant data in easy, intuitive and accurate ways. Our Smart Selfie does a selfie-to-BMI calculation, while our Smart Medication captures prescription drug information from a photo of a pill bottle.


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