Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes

Reimagining the traditional ePRO

Patient reported data should be rich, structured and engaging. With Smart Omix, we're reimagining the traditional ePRO for a decentralized study, grasping the opportunity to leverage smartphone cameras, microphones and keyboards to get the right data at the right time.

We offer:

  • Basic ePROs: Choose from a variety of question types from scales to branching logic questions to construct your survey.
  • Rich ePROs: Use video, photo and audio collection to collect rich patient outcomes for computer vision studies and digital biomarker development
  • Custom ePROs: Our clinical AI team can work with you to create custom rich ePROs for your study, ranging from tasks and exercises, to structured data collection instructions
  • Smart ePROs: Leverage our proprietary neural nets for engaging data capture. Use a Smart Selfie for participants to supply their demographics and BMI information, or our Smart Medications module for capturing prescription medication information.

Participant Generated Data

Layer objective, continuous patient data into your study

The Smart Omix platform is designed to consistently ingest new forms of data to build real-world evidence. Choose from pre-existing data streams across categories:

  • Vital Signs
  • Activity
  • Sleep
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Location and Exposure

Engagement Modules

Keep your participants engaged

Use our unique engagement modules to encourage long-term adherence. Our gamification and adherence visualization modules have proven effectiveness, and our notifications system invites users into the Smart Omix app at optimal times. Take advantage of our existing reward integrations with Amazon and others to distribute gift cards and other benefits.


AI-forward Analysis

Our interdisciplinary clinical AI team can analyze your study results to build digital biomarkers across therapeutic areas, for disease prediction, diagnosis, progression, regression or management. With our expertise in building and testing AI models, we can put your team onto a strong regulatory or commercial pathway.

There's even more

Explore our additional offerings...


Smart Omix App

Studies can be launched immediately to the participant-centric Smart Omix smartphone app, available on iOS and Android.


Sharecare Recruiting

Leverage our diverse, first-party database of over 100M participants across 250+ conditions for your study.


Real-World Equity Index

Leverage our widely published Community Well-Being Index to assess your the diversity and equity of your participant population before, during and after your study.

Our unique offerings

Smart Omix Researcher


Get started for free!

Build your smartphone study in an intuitive, no-code environment.

  • Feature Drag-and-drop design tools
  • Feature IRB Submission Export
  • Feature Unlimited study prototypes
  • Feature View your study in Test Mode
  • Feature Launch study in the Smart Omix app
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Smart Omix Full-Service

Custom Studies

Annual commitments

A sophisticated real-world research platform to run AI-forward studies.

  • Feature Leverage AI-powered data capture
  • Feature Premium data collection pipelines
  • Feature Rich photo, video and audio ePROs
  • Feature Cutting edge study analysis and AI model development
  • Feature Volume discounts on participants included
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“UCB’s research collaboration with doc.ai [now Sharecare] is the first of its kind. By leveraging the power of doc.ai’s cutting-edge technology in combination with our expertise in neurology and rare disease, we hope to optimize care for people with MG."

Chris Clark

Global Head of Asset and Commercial Strategy, Rare Diseases,