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Guide to Decentralized Clinical Research

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We are lowering the barriers to conducting high quality smartphone-based clinical research.


Automated and affordable

Design and Launch high-quality smartphone-based studies on the Smart Omix app at a low cost in our no-code, self-service environment.


Easy data collection

Get a rich, real-world dataset with eConsent, text-based surveys and ePROs, and participant-generated health data by wearables


Rapid study prototyping

Prototype smartphone studies for free and test data collection with your participants and teams. Export your study for the IRB in a single-click.

What is study adherence?
What is study adherence?
28 July, 2022

Studies have shown that adherence to intervention protocols is higher in clinical trials than in non-research settings. ...

Nutraceutical Marketing
Nutraceutical Marketing
25 July, 2022

Nutraceutical Marketing: Show me the proof! Standing out in the crowd while adhering to industry regulations If you’ve r...

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