Medical Device Testing with Smart Omix

Enrich your device testing studies with rich, real-word evidence from patients.

Medical device and product testing studies need a powerful, modular platform for data collection.


The next generation of testing needs data that is:

• Objective and reliable

• Rich and diverse

• Continuous real-world

• Structured and manipulable

• Decentralized and patient-oriented

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Smart Omix is a smartphone-based solution to accelerate decentralized real-world research, built for researchers, by researchers.


Generate rich datasets around device usability and perceptions for marketing research or regulatory submissions


Understand patient usability issues or side effects early in your development cycle


Optimize collaboration between researchers and institutions with compliant, secure data sharing


Launch studies quickly and cost-effectively across therapeutic areas


Efficiently coordinate the onboarding, delivery and scheduling of your medical device

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See how you can gather rich real world data for device usability testing.

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