Nutraceutical Research with Smart Omix

Bolster brand reputation and stand out from the crowd with clinically valid product research. 

Join the world-class teams leveraging rich, real-world data in their clinical research.

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The secret ingredient in nutraceutical product development. 

With savvier, evidence-seeking consumers on the rise, nutraceutical companies must invest in generating meaningful, rigorous scientific claims for their products.

Our compliant platform allows nutraceutical teams to collect rich data from participants that can influence scientific claims.



Expand beyond simple survey data.

Incorporate more meaningful data for participants. Selfie photos, voice recordings, or videos can give researchers a more textured view of participants’ daily lives, or a new way to measure the outcomes of their product.



Generate scientific claims.

Whether through the collection of perception or usability data from consumers, or the development of a digital biomarker using more objective, patient-generated health data, nutraceutical companies can develop next-generation clinically valid commercial claims using our platform.


Easily collaborate with colleagues.

Design studies in collaboration with colleagues, clinicians, and patients using our no-code study Design environment. In a single-click, you can share PDFs or smartphone app-based previews of the study you’ve designed with teammates, IRB reviewers and even potential participants.



Run clinical studies cost-effectively.

Running only small pilot studies with small sample sizes? Use our Smart Omix business license. Planning a large, landmark remote study, integrating PGHD, like sleep tracking or location data, or rich ePROs? Use our Smart Omix Premium License.

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