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A decentralized, prospective observational study to collect real-world data from patients with myasthenia gravis using smartphones

UCB and Sharecare report results from a 3-month prospective observational study in adults with myasthenia gravis (MG) using fully decentralized methods, to assess the feasibility of real-world data collection from smartphones for patients with this rare disease at MGFA 2022.

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Smart Omix for Pharma

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Download our white paper on how pharmaceutical companies can use Smart Omix to easily collect real-world data at scale, streamline processes and gain a richer, more comprehensive picture of an individual's health.

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Predicting Environmental Allergies from Real-World Data 

Using Smart Omix, a proprietary digital clinical research platform powering mobile research studies, the Sharecare team developed and trained a machine-learning algorithm to predict the emergence and severity of symptoms related to allergic rhinitis.

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Empowering Clinical Research in a Decentralized World

Our paper in Nature Digital Medicine highlights the implications of new technologies, including edge computing, zero-trust environments, and federating computing in DCTs enabled by digital health technologies can offer improvements in real-time data acquisition remotely while maintaining privacy and security. 

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