Patient-Generated Health Data

See the full motion picture of a patient's health instead of just a snapshot. 

Join the researchers accelerating participant-centric research with PGHD.

Enrich your real-world data studies with PGHD

Obtain the full picture of your participants’ health by syncing health data from smartphones and other wearable devices. Choose the data points that are the best fit for your study from categories such as vital signs, activity, location and exposures, sleep, and electronic health records (EHR).

Track sleep quality.

Capture sleep quantity, quality and stages across a range of devices.


Capture location and exposure.

Better understand how geography can affect an individual’s health outcomes. Our location integration, grants a deeper understanding of the social determinants of health at the county, weather, or pollution levels.


Monitor vital signs.

Incorporate vital signs like heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse ox and more into your study.


Record activity levels.

Use smartphones or wearables to track individual activity, like steps or standing minutes, in your study.


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What is PGHD?

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