Smart Omix for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Companies

The next wave of clinical research technology is here to help your teams today.

Join the researchers accelerating their clinical studies with Smart Omix. 

Conduct pioneering, next-generation smartphone-based clinical research to accelerate development, enrich data, and empower your team.


Empower your teams across research divisions

Smart Omix can empower pharma teams across clinical operations, medical affairs and real world evidence, allowing for the rapid and robust development of drugs and software applications from early feasibility studies to post-marketing surveillance and pharmacovigilance. With rich and structured real-world evidence and data, Smart Omix is your frontline in the pursuit of precision medicine.

Participant-centric by design

With Smart Omix, participants and communities are first-class citizens.

Improve the trial and study experience by meeting participants where they are - on their smartphones and devices - to collect data transparently and ambiently. Communicate with participants to send reminders and rewards in a single application, to keep them engaged and retained. Provide participants with the resources to visualize and share their end-of-study report with providers.


Recruit faster and better

Leverage Sharecare’s Database of 100M+ verified members for efficient, optimized patient recruitment​ and manage study progress in a real-time analytics dashboard. Our Community Well-Being Index helps you assess the health equity of your recruitment pipeline, optimizing your regulatory submissions.


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