Market Research with Smart Omix

Hone in your target market to generate clinically valid commercial claims using our intuitive, participant-centric platform.

Next-generation health market research needs a platform that provides rich contextual data to researchers.


Researchers need data that is:

• Objective and reliable

• Rich and diverse

• Continuous and real-world

• Structured and manipulable

• Decentralized and participant and patient-focused

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Smart Omix is a smartphone-based solution to accelerate decentralized real-world research, built for researchers, by researchers.


Generate rich datasets using patient-reported outcomes and smartphone-based measurements


Generate highly contextual participant-feedback on products, target markets through video, audio and photo ePRO diaries


Improve study performance with increased participant retention, adherence, and satisfaction



Launch virtual real world studies quickly and successfully and cost-effectively.

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See how you can augment market research with our next-generation data modules.

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