Smartphone Study Apps

One clinical research app for all your studies.

Join researchers harnessing the power of rich real-world data from smartphones with Smart Omix.

Give study participants a smartphone app experience that is intuitive, well-designed and engaging

The Smart Omix app for clinical research is participant-centric by design, providing research teams the ability to provide world-class digital study experiences out of the box in a fully self-service, no-code environment. 

Available on iOS and Android

Launch your study to the pre-built Smart Omix app, and in just one click it’s available to your participants on both iOS and Android. Reduce the time spent waiting for App Store approvals by leveraging the Smart Omix environment.


No developer needed

Studies are designed in a fast, no-code, intuitive researcher environment, giving researchers the ability to iterate, test and scale app designs in minutes.


Adherence optimized

In-app notifications, ePRO survey reminders, study data visualizations and more optimize the participant experience. In Smart Omix, empowerment is engagement.


This isn’t just another study app

Our team of developers comes from across the tech industry. We’ve built your participants an app experience that boosts adherence, emphasizes transparency, and streamlines enrollment. Participant-centric by design, the Smart Omix app is your participant’s go-to environment to participate in remote clinical research.


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